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In today’s world, the demand is to turn data into insights and insights into action, quickly, to be effective. The Towards Maturity Research programme is the most comprehensive review of learning innovation in the workplace, gathering data from over 3,500 organisations and 15,000 learners since 2003. We have used this data to identify 21 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that make effective benchmarking possible.

What is benchmarking? Why should I do it?

Benchmarking is the process of comparing one's business processes and performance metrics to best practices from other industries.

Organisations then develop plans on how to make improvements or adapt specific best practices to increase performance within an organisation or in key areas of the business environment. To be effective, it must become an on-going, integral part of an improvement process with the goal of keeping abreast of ever-improving best practice.

Towards Maturity is a benchmarking practice that provides independent, authoritative research and expert advice to help assess and improve the effectiveness and consistency of L&D performance within organisations.

Our consultants bring their expertise and knowledge to make that happen so you can deliver results faster.  Whether you are a single L&D department providing a central service or a global multi-business unit organisations looking to create an internal benchmark as well as comparing externally.

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For organisations looking to improve take up, efficiency and business performance take a look at the four sections below:

Strategic Review

Our independent advice provides a helping hand to organisations to progress quickly with the analysis, resourcing and action planning to get the most timely and customized response out of their benchmarking We help you shape your development plan using models of good practice and supporting tools, accelerating and embedding change and transformation, drawing on data from 2,900 organisations. 

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Learning Landscape Audit

Find out how Learning Landscape can support yourLearning at Work Week.  

Learning Landscape Audit (LLA) is a survey tool that helps businesses understand more comprehensively, how their staff is learning, both formally and informally. This type of research into the workplace-learning environment can provide critical insights for any organisation looking to engage and understand their workforce. It helps mitigate risk when introducing new programmes or new models of learning and provides qualified information to support new learning technology strategies. Over 10,000 learners have already influenced learning technology strategy. 

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Industry Sector Benchmark Groups

The overall aim of the benchmarking groups is to use informal and formal benchmarking in order to identify and address specific issues that relate to the sector in a focused way. 

Challenging market and economic conditions demand action that differentiates performance and results from the norm. Experience proves that insight and learning from others' success and challenges can deliver that differentiation. Attendance supports business impact improvement, faster, prioritised decision making on strategic and tactical activities and includes an invaluable opportunity to network. 

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Online Benchmark Centre

Why not start benchmarking today to see how your e-learning compares to the best practice within industry? Click here to start - it's completely free.





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