Learning Landscape Audit
The Towards Maturity Learning Landscape Audit (LLA) is a survey tool that helps businesses understand more comprehensively how their staff learn, both formally and informally.


The LLA helps put the learner at the centre of L&D strategy by challenging our assumptions about how people learn what they need to do their jobs. It helps mitigate risk when introducing new programmes or new models of learning and provides qualified information to support new learning technology strategies.

Independent research into the workplace-learning environment can provide critical insights for any organisation looking to engage and understand their workforce.

Over 15,000 learners have taken part in the Towards Maturity Learning Landscape since it started in 2003. Here are some insights from a random sample of 2,000 learners from the private sector who participated over the last nine months:

  • 80% of learners prefer to work in collaboration with other team members
  • 64% rate courses as essential or useful to do their job
  • 88% of learners like to be able to learn at their own pace
  • Recognition is important to over 60% of online learners


How do these insights compare with the way that your learners learn? Do you know?

By comparison, when we asked 500 L&D managers how they are designing learning to meet the needs of their staff:

  • Under 1 in 5 of 500 L&D managers actively encourage staff to help each other solve problems using social media
  • Under 1 in 5 are aware of how their learners use social media outside of work
  • Only 1 in 7 actively encourage leaners to collaborate building in-house knowledge resources and share experiences online
  • Only 23% of L&D reward or recognize learner achievement


What is the Towards Maturity Learning Landscape Audit?

The Learning Landscape Audit is an independent online review of learner behaviour conducted confidentially on your behalf with the staff you choose. The audit uses our ten years of understanding about engaging learners to help challenge assumptions and identify facts around learner behaviour that will influence your ongoing success. The resulting detailed report will help you to deliver successful learning interventions in the future.

Use Your Towards Maturity Learning Landscape Audit to find out:

  • Your staff's preferences for different types of learning resources or modes of delivery
  • Their willingness to use their own technologies and to share their learning with others
  • How actively they are using social media and apps in their day-to-day life and work
  • What formal learning they are involved with - both inside and outside work
  • Their views on working online - what works, what doesn’t work, what they find most helpful and what gets in the way
  • A comparison of the key findings for different groups of staff – managers, job roles, age, experience, location and others


When is it useful to conduct a Learning Landscape Audit?

  • When designing new learning and performance solutions
  • When you are setting strategy and agreeing long term business plans
  • When allocating resources
  • When making the business case for change
  • When you need to set a benchmark prior to introducing change


Additional Options for Success

In addition to the Learning Landscape Audit, we also offer:

Learning Landscape Benchmark Report
Over time Towards Maturity is collecting and aggregating confidential data from many organisations to build a picture about learners across Europe and beyond. 

learner audit

The Learning Landscape Benchmark report allows organisations to benchmark their own internal study against the wider sample comparing key learner indicators; barriers to learning and implementation practice benchmarks. 

When completed in conjunction with the Towards Maturity Benchmark the LLA Benchmark Report also highlights implementation behaviours of the top learning companies to help you apply  examples of good practice to boost learner engagement and performance support in your organization.


The Learning Landscape Corporate Edition
Creating long lasting engagement with learners is the end game of a learner centric L&D strategy. In partnership with our associate partner LearnerLab, organisations can gain the necessary insight into how their global learning audiences are using technology and expert advice on how best to engage them based on evidence representing their own people and culture.

The package is designed to help organisations make a business case for change, set strategy and create action plans that implement effective digital learning experiences to fulfil their vision for learning transformation.

The service features: 

  1. Towards Maturity Learning Landscape Audit
  2. Follow up LearnerLab consultancy and performance support services that focus on the full engagement journey for learning:
  • User experience, Gamification and Engagement expert reviews
  • Communications and evaluation strategies and campaigns to act upon the benchmark data
  • Communications and evaluation performance support toolkits to help L&D teams take ownership of the engagement process within their own organisation


Enterprise Learning Landscape
Suitable for an organization where there are multiple business units or regional teams to compare data and results across the enterprise. Towards Maturity can also conduct additional independent focus groups, interviews and workshops on your behalf.


What people say and ask

“It is essential that L&D leaders make decisions based on real evidence as they strive to communicate, design and evaluate relevant digital learning experiences to support their businesses.  Adding an engagement wrap to Towards Maturity’s excellent benchmark services provides organisations with the data and expertise to solve some very contemporary business challenges.”

 - Cheryl Clemons, MD, LearnerLab

"At Bupa International, we regularly connect with our staff by conducting training needs analysis to uncover learning needs about a specific programme or to gather feedback on learning once completed. Whilst these activities provide us with insights about the delivery of the learning programme, it doesn’t always highlight what is really important to our people.

The insights gained by Towards Maturity’s Learning Landscape will help us facilitate learning in line with what individuals expect to receive. It will also help us support staff with the right types of activity, using the right media and methods, in a way that traditional engagement evaluation tools never could."

  - Learning Technologies Manager, Bupa International


What about confidentiality?

All participants take part confidentially to encourage truthful reflection only providing their email address if they want to continue their conversation with their own L&D team

Can I adapt the Learning Landscape for my own organisation?

Designed for organisations with over 1,000 employees, the standard Learning Landscape Audit, built following our ten years of benchmarking experience, can be adapted or customized to reflect the language and set up used in your own organization.


Email to find out more.