Towards Maturity Strategic Review
Need an extra helping hand to use your Towards Maturity Benchmark to improve results? Then our Strategic Review can help.


Our independent Strategic Review helps you analyse and interpret your personal benchmark report and supports you in identifying the next action steps for performance improvement.

Why commission us for a Strategic Review?

Our Strategic Review (incorporating the Towards Maturity Benchmark) helps learning and development functions add more bottom-line value to their organisations, whilst improving the efficiency of learning delivery. Through Towards Maturity’s research, our team of advisors (each with over 25 years of international experience) draw on insights from over 3,500 organisations and 15,000 learners since 2003, where we have found that top learning organisations are seven times more likely to report improvements in productivity, improvements in staff motivation and employee engagement and that staff can apply learning faster as a result of their activity. They are three times more likely to report improvements in induction processes and efficiency.

The Strategic Review includes three phases:

Phase 1: Scoping

The process starts with a pre-review phone or video call to clarify your goals and objectives for the event. We consider what you are looking to achieve, who should be involved in the process and a brief overview. This scoping phase will also identify recommended actions that the organisation will need to take prior to the review meeting.

Note: Participants will be expected to complete or update their online benchmark prior to the strategic review meeting.  This process can take up to one hour if completed by an individual, longer if it is completed as part of a team exercise.

76% of organisations say that just completing the Towards Maturity Benchmark provides them with ideas for improving their learning strategy.

Phase 2: Review

The main strategic review meeting will be conducted on site with one of Towards Maturity’s principle consultants together with up to four participants from the participating organisation. During this time we use the Towards Maturity Benchmark to:

  • Review and agree on-going strategic objectives
  • Understand barriers and opportunities within the organisation
  • Understanding the Towards Maturity Model and the activities
  • Consider your strengths and weaknesses highlighted by the analysis of specific KPI’s, your TM Index and scores for 19 activity areas which impact performance.
  • Provide a  detailed analysis of your results compared with top learning companies and industry peers, including sector comparisons where available.
  • Provide advice to help shape a development plan using models of good practice and supporting tools
  • Help you identify short, medium and long term action plans with recommended resources, toolkits and case studies to support your goals

Outputs of the review meeting:
The review will provide specific inputs to your strategy and project plan around the six strands within the Towards Maturity Model, looking at short, medium and long term goals and resources to support you further. These will be captured alongside recommended resources, in the Towards Maturity Benchmark Centre.


Phase 3: Support from the Online Benchmark Centre

To help you on your on-going implementation strategy you will be provided with 12 months premium access to the Towards Maturity Benchmark Centre, which helps you keep track of your action plans and provides hundreds of resources and recommendations to support you in your learning technology journey. Activities within the Benchmark Centre include:

  • On-going review of your activity across the full benchmark process (including over 100 effective implementation practices)
  • Establish and monitor your unique Towards Maturity Index (TMI) to track progress
  • Access to over 200 resources and case studies
  • Tailored recommendations to help you take action to improve your TMI
  • A downloadable action planner to outline objectives and gather resources in one easy to use place
  • Calendar and email alerts to keep your action plans on track


Find out more

Towards Maturity also run a series of practical workshops and a
coaching programme to keep you on track - contact us for
more information.

For organisations delivering learning across different operating
groups the basic Strategic Review can be extended to include a
group benchmark to provide a comparison of good practice from
both within the organisation and beyond.

Please contact for more details
or to schedule a session. 

*fees include 12 month premium access to the Benchmark
Centre, valued at £600, fees do not include expenses or VAT.